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A Guide to Designing Holiday LED Light Displays

Whether you’re designing a commercial holiday light display for a city or park, a business, an entertainment or hospitality venue, a farm or a military base, the first step is determining your theme, followed closely by determining your budget. Being in charge of designing a holiday light display can feel overwhelming, considering the work involved. However, the end result is well worth it. After all, you’re not only creating a holiday destination for Christmas cheer that can turn into a tradition for generations of families and guests, but also perhaps a revenue-generating stream from increased attendance or admission fees.

How to Get Started on Your LED Holiday Light Display if You’re a Novice

The Creative Displays team understands just how intimidating designing an LED light display can be. We’ve worked with customers around the country to help design their holiday light displays, creating a theme that works with the environment and their budget, large or small. Sometimes we start with our customers’ ideas. Other times, we help guide to an idea based on our experience in similar areas or budgets. Either way, we blend artful design with logistics to make the most of your winter wonderland.

Our designers have design backgrounds and know which elements work best together to maximize your budget and create unique, eye-catching LED light displays. They can help you blend small holiday light display elements to make a big impression, as well as which elements are worth the investment to make a jaw-dropping display. 

A Guide to Designing Holiday Light Displays from Creative Displays

Depend on Creative Displays as a Resource to Pull Off Your Creative Vision

Some of the most renowned holiday LED lighting displays in the country are created every year with Creative Displays’ commercial-grade holiday lighting products. Many of our LED light display designs are exclusive to us, so you can’t buy them anywhere else. That matters when you’re creating a never-been-seen-before holiday lighting experience.

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Custom designed LED light displays are another option. With enough leeway, your name, logo, shapes, colors, animation, color palettes and more can be custom designed and manufactured. And, custom doesn’t mean complicated. Whether you or your large or small crew will be installing and taking down your LED holiday light display, you’ll appreciate having color-coded pieces, a personalized manual and easy to assemble and disassemble instructions.

You’re Just a Few Steps from Taking a Holiday Light Display from Concept to Reality

Tell us or send us your specifications, general ideas or detailed theme. Our experienced team takes it from there from design to ongoing support.


  • Determine how many displays
  • What types of themes
  • Finalize design
  • Provide amps for each display


  • Approval of estimate
  • Sign off on sales order


  • 50% deposit


  • Balance 50% due

Set-Up Process

  • Call with an engineer to answer any questions and help with the initial set up

Ongoing Support

  • Call us anytime as needed throughout the first season

The Key to Any Successful Holiday LED Light Display is a Reliable, Experienced Vendor

Since 1959, Creative Displays, Inc. has worked with customers with any-sized budget to design holiday light displays that have turned into can’t-miss, annual events. From design help to high quality, commercial-grade lighting and features to trusted customer support, work with an experienced vendor who jumps in when needed and stands behind their LED lighting displays.

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