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Bring New Revenue Streams To Your Farm With Stunning Holiday Lights

Agritourism. It’s not just a farm marketing buzzword anymore. The list of potential income streams for your farm is only limited by your interest, time and imagination. Many people look forward to vacations as a break from life in the city and suburbs. Whether it’s just a day trip or a week long holiday, people are increasingly turning to rural settings for relief. Agritourism offers a large variety of agriculturally based experiences, ranging from seasonal festivals, educational tours and “pick your own” produce farms to outdoor adventures and on-farm accommodations. So if you are considering adding seasonal events to your farm as an additional revenue source, let us help.

Since 1959, we have been creating Christmas and Halloween light displays for drive thru and walk thru parks, cities, businesses, entertainment & hospitality venues, farms, military bases and more that establish a profitable winter tradition, attracting visitors and bringing their communities together… year after year after year.

There is Revenue in Tradition

You’re sure there is opportunity to generate or increase your revenue and popularity during the holiday season. What many of our customers, like you, didn’t know was where to start with their holiday light displays. Over the decades, Creative Displays, Inc. has worked with customers with both large and small budgets to design Christmas and other holiday light displays that have turned into can’t-miss, annual events.

Creative Displays, Inc. can custom design every piece or specific elements of your entire lighting display.

We specialize in:

    • Design Services
    • Family Friendly
    • Drive-Thru Holiday Displays
    • Custom Light Displays
    • Holiday Lighting


Tell us what your needs are and we will create a holiday lighting package that will make this your most successful season yet. Our creative team are designers at heart with heads for business. They come from a design background and have spent their careers creating unique, eye-catching displays that are lively and entertaining while maximizing budget to make the most impact. In other words, they know a thing or two about making a huge impression by using big elements, strategic smaller ones and the logistic framework that makes it all work beautifully.

All of our products are the highest quality, commercial-grade products on the market. For the past 60 years, we have worked on projects both large and small and thrive on creating new, exciting displays for our clients.

Animated Light Displays

    • Holiday Decor
    • LED Light Strings
    • C9 and C7 Retro Fit Bulbs
    • Lighting Supplies and Accessories
    • UL Rated for Indoors and Outdoors
    • Energy Star Qualified
    • Displays Made in the USA