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Make Halloween Even More Spooktacular With Holiday Lighting

Everyone loves Halloween. And there is nothing better than seeing the look on children’s faces when they come up to the door for their treats. Make your client’s home the standout house on the block. The one where people from miles away have heard of and drive by just to see the magic and wonder of it all.You’ve been hanging Christmas lights for your customers for years. Why not suggest commercial-grade Halloween lighting and displays this year? Creative Displays has been helping customers get spooky for over 60 years! Whether you choose to go all out and have us design a drive through haunted forest or decorate a front lawn with fun, colorful lights, we have the Halloween lights you are looking for! Click here for more fun Halloween Displays! 

Go All Out With Fun Strobe Lights

Strobe lights can make the perfect accompaniment to your client’s front yard, turning their home into a creepy and enticing graveyard scene. When you pair our LED Purple Strobe Light with waving skeletons or a cast of singing pumpkins, all of the kids in the neighborhood will be raving about their Halloween decor. Click here for more Halloween lights!

You Can Be Conservative and Still Be Fun

Perhaps your client isn’t much of the adventurous type, but still wants to decorate their home for the kids. No worries! Use our commercial-grade Orange and Purple Lights to line the edges of the front and back of the home. For some added fun, place some fun posters in the upstairs windows.Halloween Lights 

The Trend of Haunted Farms, Parks and Forests

A haunted forest or farm is nothing short of a scream! This fun event could feature hayrides and a bone chilling series of haunted adventures filled with ghouls, ghosts and all kinds of scary creatures. Recruit volunteers to dress up as zombies and/or horror film characters and have a place to serve fun Halloween drinks and treats! Create the look below by wrapping trees with orange, green and purple mini lights! Need help with financing and bring your Halloween Display visions to life? Making equipment investments in your business is a natural course of growth for success, but there is a choice when it comes to how you pay for that investment.  You can buy it now with cash on hand or finance it over time.  With both options you get your equipment today, but with financing you’re making a minimal investment while your equipment can already begin generating revenue – sometimes before your first payment is even due. Call us for more info!