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Decorating Ideas for Commercial Christmas Lights Settings

Holiday light displays aren’t just for homes, companies should take advantage of them too. Outdoor Christmas innovative ideas add interest to the rooflines, walkways, and bushes of any business. They can even attract potential customers to your store and maintain a festive mood throughout the season. 

Let’s explore four commercial Christmas lights ideas and stand out from the competition. You’ll create a unique and creative experience for clients and boost your holiday sales. 

Make It Colorful 

Christmas is a happy time for everyone and colors can impact your customer’s subconscious. You can go for a traditional color palette, go for a full rainbow, or even include your brand colors. If you create an eye-catching outdoor decoration, customers will enter your store frequently. Also, installing a large screen leading up to your building can be the perfect way to stand out during the season. 

Cover Your Business Exterior 

It’s highly recommended to cover the outside of your building with commercial Christmas lights to catch people’s attention when they pass by. If you have a storefront that’s right next to other buildings, it’s a great idea since there’s only one side to cover. 

Partner Up with Nearby Businesses

Creating a consistent and aesthetically pleasant look takes effort and time. It’s always a good idea to partner up with local businesses to make a positive impact with your commercial Christmas lights. This will encourage customers to visit your street or area, increasing potential customers, and foot traffic. 

Create a Christmas Lights Path

A creative commercial Christmas lights idea is creating a pathway to your building’s entrance. You can keep it to simple white lights, add some candy cane lights along the sides, or even create an archway along the path to make it feel magical.

Need Help With the Commercial Set Up?

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