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If you’re looking for the best and unique way to decorate your business, or if you have an event to plan and decor with the most astonishing decorations and Christmas type of lights, you just found the best ally!

At Creative Displays, we have exactly what you need. Since 1959, we’ve been providing commercial-grade holiday lighting to installers, farms, parks, cities and towns, businesses, entertainment & hospitality venues, residences, churches and schools, military bases, and more.

Our team offers decades of experience in addressing the specific technical and design challenges of each market area. We establish long-term collaborative partnerships with diverse clients in each of the markets we serve and strive to provide responsive, sustainable, and unique solutions for each industry

Our professional, customer-oriented team at Creative Displays provides customers with comprehensive and supportive services, including design services, promotional information, technical details, installation/application advice, and dedicated supervision of orders.

Benefits of Decorating with Christmas Lighting Displays

When you give uniqueness to your business place with our lighting displays and our incredible array of decorative elements, you can get the most out of this season by:

Attracting New/More Customers

The Christmas season is undoubtedly a time of the year where people make the most out of their lives. We spend more time with the family, reunite with friends, and look for gifts for our loved ones. Therefore a beautiful, inviting place with unique Christmas decorations will certainly have customers visiting non-stop.

More Customer Consumption 

When happy, people tend to spend more time and money at the places they visit. You can give them an extra reason to stay longer at your store and have them consume more of what you offer. Our custom designed lighting displays will provide your business place that uniqueness your customers will appreciate.

Getting More Revenue 

As customers visit your place more, you’ll have more revenue than in past years. With our unique lighting displays, we can create for you anything you can think of. From your logo to a special message, or a Christmas shaped ornament, we can do it all. Make a difference, and you’ll start noticing your profits increment.

We serve a variety of markets that can use our commercial Christmas lighting displays design services and products to create unique experiences for their customers, attract even more attention, and help in generating more revenue. Visit our page for the market you are interested in: