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Incredible Park Holiday Lighting Displays


Bring life to your park during the holiday season with beautiful holiday lighting displays. Whether you choose to offer a huge drive-through experience with animated displays or have a simple, elegant display of classic white lights along a walking trail or pond, you can be sure your visitors will have a fun, memorable experience that will bring them back year after year.

There is nothing more incredible than driving or walking through a park while it is lit up with beautiful holiday lights and displays. We can custom design your experience, so that people will drive from miles away to visit your park during the holiday season. And don’t forget about Halloween! This is a great opportunity for you to bring in a new, haunting experience to your community! Think haunted forests, haunted pumpkin patches, zombie wagon rides, etc! Let your imagination run wild! 


We Can Provide You With Unique Park Holiday Lighting Displays

Creative Displays, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing fantastic lighting displays since 1959. Our primary goal has been to provide joy and memorable moments for families everywhere. We don’t only make stunning lighting displays for the Christmas season, but we can also create unique lighting display designs for any part of your city, such as parks, churches, farms, or any other area that you may think can become an attraction.

Creative Displays’ Designs

Our designs are unique and exclusive. Every of our lighting displays has been designed by us, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. We want your city to look unique and leave everyone breathless. 

At Creative Display, Inc. we can also personalize specific elements or entire lighting displays, bringing even more uniqueness to your city’s lighting decoration. We can custom design and manufacture names, logos, shapes, color palettes, and more.

Our Specialties 

From Christmas lights to custom light displays, to arches, we have everything you can think of for your park’s decoration. We specialize in:

> Holiday lighting

> Holiday decor

> Christmas light displays

> Halloween light displays

> Custom light displays

> Pole mount light displays

> Patriotic light displays

> Spiritual light displays

> Arches, skylines, and signs


If you have any doubts regarding why lighting displays are an option for your parks to look fabulous, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.