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One reason why LED Christmas Lights last longer than Incandescent Lights is because they’re not always “on”. They actually flash on and off at an incredible rate of speed that is imperceptible to the human eye. However, some LED Lights flash quicker than others.

When you purchase LED String Lights or LED Mini Lights always make sure that you’re getting full-wave rectified LEDs. Many of the LED Light Strings or LED Replacement Bulbs sold in the big box stores and other retail outlets may be half-wave rectified, so they flash half as fast and may appear to “flicker”.

Full-wave rectified LED Lights flash twice as fast – an incredible 120 times per second – to provide a bright, constant glow without the appearance of flickering. All of the LED Christmas Lights we sell are commercial grade and full-wave rectified. There’s no flicker because they flash quicker.