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The Colors of the LED Christmas Light Rainbow

In terms of brightness, color options, holiday display creativity, indoor/outdoor usage options and energy efficiency, nothing outshines light-emitting diode (LED) Christmas lights. When you’re spearheading creating a remarkable holiday display for your community or business, LEDs give you the most options. Not to mention, they’ll glow brighter than incandescent bulbs so you can use fewer lights and they use around 90% less energy to help you keep costs down.

LED Christmas lights come in a variety of sizes, ranging from mini lights to C9.

LED mini Christmas lights are available in a variety of bulb sizes: 5MM, M5, C6, Strobe, and Firecracker lights. They are perfect for wrapping trees, columns, wreaths, and garland.

5MM LED Christmas Lights 

Creative Displays carries Pro-Grade® 5MM LED mini light strings, which are completely dimmable and work with animated controllers. The 5MM LED’s concave lens has superior brightness and disperses light uniformly in all directions. Our Minibrites® feature full-wave rectification for a bright glow, but no flicker so your guests can enjoy clearly see your display from every angle. They add interest to your holiday light display thanks to the range of colors in which they come, including warm white, twinkle and strobe.

M5 LED Christmas Lights

When holiday display pros think of an iconic mini light shape, they think the M5. M5 LED Christmas lights have a diamond cut bulb design, and bulbs are spaced 4″ apart. You can count on them to stand up to the weather thanks to their one-piece socket design. Like the 5MM lights, these bulbs are also totally dimmable and compatible with animated controllers. Also, they come in a wide variety of colors, including warm white, twinkle and strobe.

Night red square in the winter before Christmas

C6 LED Christmas Lights

We carry Pro-Grade® C6 LED Minibrites®, which are often used to wrap tree trunks, garland, wreaths, trees, and more. For unbeatable durability, longevity and performance, the one-piece socket design provides resistance to the winter elements. Like the 5MM and M5 bulbs, the C6 LEDs are 100% dimmable for use with animated controllers. The bulbs are totally dimmable making them a perfect match with your animated controller. Plus, they’re full-wave rectified so there’s no flicker.

Even though each size has specific features, Creative Displays’ 5MM, M5 and C6 LED Christmas light have the following specifications in common:

  • Commercial grade
  • 4″ spacing and green wire
  • Concave design for wide viewing angle
  • Energy Star qualified and UL-rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • Bulb life span rated at 50,000 hours
  • One-piece socket design to increase weather resistance
  • Stay lit even if one light goes out
  • Remain cool to the touch
  • End-to-end connectors


LED Christmas Light Colors Span the Rainbow

Before explaining how LED Christmas lights get their colors, it’s helpful to understand how their predecessors, incandescent bulbs, get their color. Incandescent lights begin with electricity being converted into illumination. What creates the color of the bulb is the glass or plastic that surrounds the illumination. If the glass or plastic is a color, like red or green, that is the color it appears to be.

On the other hand, LED Christmas light colors have nothing to do with the bulb cover. They’re created more like firework colors are. The material used in the semiconductor determines an LED light’s color that emits from the diode. Like you learned in art class, you can mix primary alloys to create the colors of the rainbow.

If aluminum gallium indium phosphide alloy is used, you get yellows, oranges and reds. If indium gallium nitride alloy is used, you get greens and blues. And of course, you mix the two primary alloys to create other colors. For example, aluminum gallium indium phosphide and indium gallium nitride alloy mixed creates purple.

But what about white Christmas lights? What you learned in art class won’t help here as you know there is no way to create white paint from any color of paint. A blend of red, blue and green creates white LED light. Shades of white are created by adjusting the level of colors. White Christmas lights also can be created using a blue LED and a yellow light-emitting phosphor coating.

White LED Christmas lights are one of our top sellers. Maybe put here what the colors only available at Creative Displays are.

LED Christmas Lights and Controllers: A Match Made in Heaven

Let’s say you want to include a star that changes color from blue to white as part of your holiday display’s theme or story. Color-changing LED Christmas lights have multiple LEDs (red, blue and green) controlled by a computer, which runs the program telling them when and how much to change.

For example, if the blue and green LED are off but the red LED is running, the LED unit will give off a blue light. However, if both blue and red are running, then you see purple. Shades of colors are created by the computer telling the LED just how much of one color to shine. So, shades of purple, in this case, could be lighter or darker depending on the percentage of blue and red running. This concept applies to red, blue and green LEDs in the color-changing bulbs to create a truly amazing holiday experience, whether you have a few or hundreds of displays as part of your lighting.

It’s incredible what’s possible using LED Christmas lights in displays and decorations. Whether you have an idea or need design help to create a custom display, our team is here to help.