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3 Creative Indoor Christmas Lights ideas

Commercial Christmas lights are the number one decoration during the holiday. Not only do they create a festive mood but they will make you feel happy and warm. People usually put them on the Christmas tree but there are more ways to use them in décor. 

Christmas lights can be hung above the windows, doors, in your hallway, and on your stairs. So, don’t wait much longer and transform your property with beautiful Christmas lights. If you’d like to add a little sparkle to your house’s interior, check out these creative indoor Christmas lighting ideas. 

Create a String Light Tree

A string light tree is an amazing way to save space in a small apartment or dorm room where a conventional Christmas tree is impractical.  You can add a few wrapped gift boxes around it for an extra effect.

Light Display Frame

If you love Christmas cards, a light display frame made with string lights is a creative way to do it. You only require Christmas lights, a large frame, a staple gun, hot glue, sandpaper, and clothespin, and spray-paint for this DIY project. 


The lighted card display is simply genius. Not only do you get to see those beautiful Christmas scenes and family pictures, but the twinkling lights get you in the holiday spirit.

Create A Cozy Space Using Snowflake Lights

Create a cozy space in your house by hanging snowflake lights from the ceilings or any shaped lights that please you. You can also add twinkle lights to your hallway or your kids’ bedrooms during the holiday season and start a new magical tradition.

Additional Tip

If you have kids, build your own lighted star. This is an easy DIY project that’s great for creating family moments. Use paint sticks, rulers, yardsticks or trim to make the star, and simply wrap the lights through it. 

Decorate Your House With Creative Displays

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